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Tips For Baking Sugar-Free Cookies For Diabetics

So you want to provide sweets for an activity, but you know that several diabetics will be attending. Making sweets that some of your attendees can’t enjoy is always a downer.  If you decided to simply substitute a sugar-free sweetener to your cookies recipe you are sure to be hit with a cookie disaster.

Sugar Free CookiesFirst, you have to choose the right sugar substitute for baking. There are several sugar substitutes out on the market: aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, neotame. However, some of them lend themselves to baking better than others. Aspartame in particular is a bad choice for baking.  It is not heat stable and loses its sweetness at high temperatures. It appears that sucralose is the most recommended sugar substitute for sugar free baking. Sucralose is can be found at the grocery store at an affordable price under the brand name of Splenda.

Cooking with sugar substitutes will make your baked goods taste and look differently unless you employ some tricks to compensate. According to the American Diabetes Association cookies that have real sugar have a light brown color when they are done because of how sugar reacts when it is cooked.  This means that if you bake with a sugar substitute your cookies will be lighter in color. Cooking without sugar also changes the texture of your cookies. In addition, the lack of sugar will make your cookies drier.

The writers at Eat Healthy suggest topping cookies with cooking oil, milk, or egg whites before you put them in the oven to create the impression of a brown cookie. They also say using less flour and cooking with naturally moist ingredients can help with both texture and dryness, pumpkin and applesauce are an excellent example of moisture rich ingredients that often appear in baked goods.

Eat Healthy has a pumpkin spice cookie recipe  that can be adapted to be completely sugar free or nearly sugar free. Also try sour cream and cherry cookies, crunchy banana cocoa rounds, and jam dot cookies.

The American Associate of Diabetes sells The Big Book of Diabetic Desserts.

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