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Vitamins For Dog Joint Health

Dog Joint HealthAs your dog gets older, they may develop some health concerns such as at the joint (such as inflammation and stiffness) which is quite common in elderly dogs, affecting their life. Thus giving them vitamins in the form of supplements is a good idea to maintain the health of your dog. In fact, statistically nearly a third of United States’ dog and cats populations get vitamins and health supplements from their owners, mainly given to improve their coat’s shine, probiotics to heal digestive tract, antioxidants to defy effects of aging, and of course, to support joints.

Commonly joint related disease in dogs are:

Hip Dysplasia; a type of arthritis that is affecting the hip joint in your dog which can happen due to injury, effects of aging, or infection. Suffering from hip dysplasia can cause a number of complications and spread to other joints when it progresses.

Hypertrophic Arthritis; caused from bone spurs, usually caused from trauma and osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis; a common type of arthritis in dogs, this disease that progress slowly caused from breakdown of cartilage which causes your dog’s bones to grind each other, reducing flexibility and mobility, and inflammations.

Rheumatoid Arthritis; similar to the ones occur to us, this type of joint disease caused when the immune system attacks its own body and attacks to other joints. This disease is very painful and your dog can lay restlessly because of the pain.

In treating these joint related diseases, treatments are widely available, such as joint supplements. Joint supplements can make a big difference for your dog’s mobility. Health concerns regarding joints are common in large breeds as they age thus it is important to give them quality supplements to keep them lively and free from joints pains.

There are supplements containing vitamins and minerals to treat this disease, particularly containing including MSM, chondroitin and glucosamine. A study published in The Veterinary Journal found that dogs that are treated with glucosamine-chondroitin mix supplements showed more flexibility, mobility with less pain after seventy days of treatment.

Such brands include Synflex that contain special mix of 11 special ingredients to protect your  dog’s joint mobility and maintaining joint health throughout their life, and it’s money back guarantee. Arthro-ionx also is another dietary health supplement in a chewable flavored tablet that can aid to promote joint health, relieve joint pain and heal canine arthritis.

Give your dog the health supplement they deserved and they will love you for it.

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