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Run Car on Water and Gas – For Real Or Scam?

Want to know if it’s possible to convert your car to run on water and gas? And can this water for gas conversion system really improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency or is it a scam?

The buzz on this water for gas hybrid technology began when fuel prices around the world escalated to record highs. With no immediate relief from oil companies or the government in sight, ordinary folks began searching for alternative energy resources or gas saving technologies that will help them combat the rising cost of fuel. And currently, one of the most controversial and talked about solution is how to convert one’s car to run on water and gas to increase fuel efficiency.

Run Your Car On Water – The Truth

To begin with, run your car on water is not about adding water to the gas tank and driving your car completely on water. This kind of water fuel combination won’t mix and will result in serious damages to your car. Which is why the general community is having problems believing such water for gas conversion is genuine and calls it a scam.

In actual fact, the water for gas system explains that it still requires you to add gasoline to your vehicle’s gas tank to run your car. The secret to running your car on water lies in installing a “water fuel cell kit” that hooks directly onto your car’s engine. The water in the kit is then broken down into two components namely oxygen and hydrogen through the process of electrolysis. The oxygen and hydrogen is then converted to HHO or Brown’s Gas which is then used as fuel for cars. This way, fuel consumption is drastically reduced and hence the term, run your car on water or drive car with water.

In 2004, FISITA World Automotive Congress also performed a test on the addition of HHO from water to a single cylinder direct injection fuel engine and concluded that when a small amount of hydrogen is added, the combustion process of the internal combustion engines could be considerably enhanced.

Therefore, it is a proven fact that when a car is fitted with a hydrogen fuel cell kit, it can help increase the fuel economy of the vehicle. In fact, even big automobiles companies like BMW and Honda Technology are in the process of developing this water hybrid technology into their own cars and industry insiders are already saying that this water-gas technology will be the standard in new automobiles and most cars will be running with water and gas within the next 5 to 10 years!

Run car on water may be the future but if you want to enable your car to be more fuel efficient and save yourself thousands of dollars in fuel costs every year, the future is now!

Did you know that you can build your own hydrogen fuel cell for less than $150? Run your car on water and increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency today!